What's On

In a churchyard near you

On the 29/30/31st Feb is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. Why not come and see the variety of birds that call the church yard their home?

In the church porch there will be Ideas on how to take part , ID guides and a childrens pack, the recipe to make bird seed cake and mealy muffins (also on FB ) and more information about the RSPB.

There will be more posts for engaging activities in the church yard for Feb and March to follow.

In a church yard in February

This month you can find activities relating to Dark Skies Night, Valentine's day, pancakes and Lent.

This month's activity packs will be in the Church porch from today until 21st Feb, and there will also be things to catch your interest as you walk around the Church yard throughout February. Look out for our next newsletter to find out what's happening in March.

Please tag St James Church Facebook page if you see or do anything you enjoy!