Weddings at St James

You may be reading this because you've decided to get married. If so - congratulations! This page explains a few things you might like to consider if you are thinking about getting married at St James Church.

Getting Married in Church

There are many buildings these days licensed for marriages, where couples can say their vows before family and friends. A church marriage service also includes family and friends, but most importantly recognises God and his love as being an integral part of marriage, so Christian vows are said in a service that includes prayers, readings and songs.

Getting Married at St James

Couples who want a church wedding will usually marry in their local church. St James parish covers Norton, Jordanthorpe and Batemoor. If you live within the parish, you can get married at St James. If you don't live within the parish boundary it is still possible to be married at St James but you will need to have a qualifying connection. An example of a qualifying connection would be if your parents have ever lived in the parish, or if you were christened at St James. If you contact our parish office we will be able to tell you quickly whether you can get married at St James.

The Wedding Service

The service in church should be the high point of the day, with moments of seriousness as life-changing vows are said, and times of great celebration as we share in your happiness.

If you are to marry at St James we will help you talk through any issues of relevance to you. We will help you put the service together. We will answer any questions you have. In February we often take part in a wedding preparation course run by the local churches, to which you are warmly invited.

St James has a strong tradition of music and our choir can perform both traditional and more modern material. Paul, our Director of Music, will always be happy to meet with you to discuss the options available.

We are more than happy to advise you if you are unsure whether to have a church service or not. The Church of England weddings website is an excellent place to start planning your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are banns?
A: Banns are legal announcements declared in church that state a couple are to be married. Banns must be read for 3 weeks in the principal service of the church in which you are to be married (and in your local parish church if you live outside St James parish). There is a small legal fee, set by parliament, for the declaration of banns. If one or both of you don't live in St James parish then it is very important that you contact your parish church to have the banns read there also.

Q: Can I get married at St James if I am divorced?
A: Marriage is a commitment for life - for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer - however there are sometimes sad circumstances, such as unfaithfulness, that can cause a marriage to break down. If you have been through a divorce and would like to consider remarrying in church then please contact the parish office and one of our clergy will meet with you to discuss whether a church wedding is right for you.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It costs more than a Register Office and less than a hotel or country house! The exact cost depends on what you have in the service. At St James we are able to offer an organist, a choir and bell-ringers to make your day extra special.

Q: What do I do next?
A: If you're thinking about getting married at St James Church:

  • Call the Church Office (0114 274 5086) and talk to one of the staff team about your requirements.
  • Come along to St James Church (especially the 10.30am Service on a Sunday - where banns are read) and get a feel for the people, the place and the worship.